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Anion Quick Hair Dryer

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Product Details

MIJIA Anion Quick Hair Dryer H300

* Innovative design, light and portable, not tired to hold.

* Aero Engine Turbine Fan, 7 fan blades, wind speed up to 20 meters per second.

* Intelligently control the wind temperature to 57 degrees Celsius.

* Dry hair quickly, does not damage hair. Hit 6.1g/min.

* The negative ion emitter releases 50 million negative ions.

* NTC Multiple overheating protection, safer.

* Three modes, free adjustment.

* UV spray paint, feel comfortable and delicate, not easy to get dirty.


Hair dryer×1



MIJIA Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer H300

Small and portable, powerful

It has a size of 9.5cm, super wind speed of 20m/s,

50 million negative ions, and intelligent constant temperature of 57 ℃

Anion Quick Hair Dryer
Anion Quick Hair Dryer
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