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Deodorizer Cat Litter Box


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Cat Litter Deodorizer Odorless Cat Litter Box 95% Deodorizer 99.9% Dust-Free 8-Day Battery Life Deodorizer,Suitable for Bathroom Wardrobe Fridge Cat Litter Box

  • Deodorization and odor control, convenient silicone hanging strap: BNING deodorant adopts new deodorizing technology, with a deodorizing rate of over 95%. Simply place the deodorizer in or near your garbage bin to safely release ozone that oxidizes and breaks down those nasty odors. [Can be hung up] In addition to the traditional deodorizer back stickers, we add silicone hanging strap can easily hang it up.
  • Odorless, 100% cat-friendly: Cat litter deodorizer is different from scented cat litter, deodorizing powder or neutralizer, it will not produce harmful fumes or odors, making cats feel especially comfortable.
  • Applicable occasions: Suitable for Bathroom, Wardrobe, Fridge, Cat Litter Box.
  • Automatic on/off 100% safe: Equipped with high-sensitive bio-sensing system, 360° intelligent identification of cats in and out of the moment, during the cat toilet, start the non-disturbance state. After the cat leaves, it starts the odor purification and efficient sterilization.
  • Ultra-quiet: The silent design of 20dB or less ensures that cats are not disturbed.
  • USB Powered, Economical: USB powered, no extra batteries needed. The bin deodorizer works with low power consumption and can provide up to 8 days of battery life on a single charge. bin deodorizer does not require any maintenance and replacement of expensive materials.

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Deodorizer Cat Litter Box
Deodorizer Cat Litter Box


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