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Portable Electron Microscopes


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Product Details

Product parameters:

Product name: Dangdang raccoon smart microscope

Item model number: DDLM1

Product material: ABS, aluminium alloy

Battery capacity: base battery capacity: 2000mAh Single battery capacity: 700mAh

Connection method: WIFI, Type-C data cable

Product List:

Microscope unit x1

Microscope base x1

Biological slides x10

Manual x1

charging cable x1

Manual x1


----- High resolution

The high-definition optical lens creates a professional imaging system, and the multi-speed infinite zoom can adjust the multiples, which can meet the multiple-multiple observation scenes of most people.

-----Dual light source

The single unit has its own LED soft aperture, which supports multi-speed adjustment; the large window of the base is illuminated, and it can be adjusted easily by light rotation, and it can be truly restored even in a dark environment.

-----WIFI connection

High-power ultra-clear, instant imaging, wireless transmission, mobile phone connection, iPad connection, computer connection

-----Photo and video

With its own photo and video function, you can easily record wonderful pictures and share the fun of exploration with family and friends.

-----Digital Intelligence

Two-in-one split design, the single handheld is as light as 100g, and the portable observation is not limited; combined with the base, it becomes an upright microscope in seconds, and the operation is more stable and professional. Upright microscope mode "lab" experience, the operation is more stable and professional, the base can assist to observe the specimen, and the image is clearer.

----- Chip blessing

The scene is projected to the image sensor CMOS through the optical image generated by LENS and sent to the digital image signal by analog-to-digital conversion. The image signal is then sent to the digital signal processing chip for format conversion, and then transmitted to the device side "mobile phone/tablet" through the Wi-Fi port, etc." real-time display, the picture is clear, and the experience is more comfortable.

----- long battery life

Multiple power supply options available

Say goodbye to the shackles of the power cord, the 2700mAh capacity meets the needs of daily exploration, the Type-C interface is charged, and the external use is stress-free.

-----Easy to operate

Simple and elegant streamline design, high-grade frosted texture, safe and environmentally friendly, high value, the body has no edges and corners, and children can also use it with confidence. Comes with entry-level animal and plant specimen slices and blank glass slides, and you can "play" right away.

Portable Electron Microscopes
Portable Electron Microscopes


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