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Spiral Ear Electric Cleaner


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Product Details

Electric Ear Suction Ear Cleaner


1.Professional electric removal of earwax, quickly absorbs the internal organs of the ear, and sucks the dirt into the dirt bin of the machine while sucking it

2. It is designed with 2.5cm elastic material to protect the ears without damaging the eardrums, which is safe and reliable.

3. The shape is small and easy to use, for home or travel

4. Equipped with two soft heads, easy to clean and worry-free replacement

5. The front end of the product adopts a soft ear-picking spoon-shaped tip, which is safer to use. The product is designed according to the average inner ear distance of each person (2.5cm), so adults and the elderly can use it with confidence, even children can use!

Package includes:

1 * electric ear cleaner (Without battery)

2 * soft tips

1 * brush

Spiral Ear Electric Cleaner
Spiral Ear Electric Cleaner


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